We love buiding glass work!

Glass is an amazing medium. There is such opportunity to use colors and textures to bring alive the art glass we build. We have been building Custom Stained Glass,  all kinds of projects over the years. And it's always rewarding to help someone take and idea to a finished panel. It Brings color into your home or business. It gives privacy and an amazing view from inside your home.

 It keeps me doing  what I do.

Building YOUR project.

Art work is a personal thing, we all like different , colors and design.  Because of that we want the end result to be what you had in mind.  With colors and design that makes your view amazing!

It starts with and IDEA!

You saw something some where,  an old photo of a design, something you grew up with and you would like to bring those colors and design into your home..  Maybe it  just a color! A Red,  A Blue or Purple a flower or abstract?

                     We can help.   

Give us a call!

Give us an opportunity to help you create a beautiful  piece of art glass to enjoy. Crafted with what you have in mind.     417 327 6269 Lets make a date